Our Beloved Classics


“judged over a period of time to be the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.”

A 57 Chevy, a Classic beauty like Audrey Hepburn, a Classic movie: “Gone with the Wind” and of course, the ‘Classic Collection’ of Carolyn Pollack Jewelry.

Great news! We’re in the midst of revamping our vault to make room for our latest designs. What does that mean for you? Savings and the chance to pick up jewelry treasures of the past you might have missed such as a matching ring to your favorite statement necklace. Or, you might even find pieces now set in new stones to expand your jewelry wardrobe. These are the pieces you know and love like you’ve never seen them before and some of them even go back as far as twenty years.

Quantities will be limited depending on the amount found. It will be a terrific unveiling and we hope you will find new treasures of your own to add to your already-fabulous collection.

You’ll want to keep your eyes on our website early October: www.carolynpollack.com and on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.comCarolynPollackJewelry/

And don’t forget, each and every one of our glorious pieces are made meticulously by hand right here in the United States in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We are extremely proud of our team as they continue to bring you the finest of craftsmanship time and time again.


In love and treasures,





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