Apple Picking and Recipes

I don’t know whether an “apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but I do know apples are delicious and make for a healthy snack. Of course, they taste good in some not-so-healthy desserts too, but a girl has to indulge every once in a while. Right?!

apple picking 2

Being that there are many varieties of apples, there’s bound to be at least one type that makes your mouth water. And they always look so pretty in a decorative bowl, especially when red, yellow and green are all together representing just a few of the beautiful colors of fall. I do love autumn!

Apple picking is a tradition in some families and can be fun for all ages depending on the activities offered at your local orchards. I love seeing children giggle with delight while piling into wagons and then once at the destination, meticulously and slowly picking the prettiest and ripest apples. Not all is lost on the bruised ones though, they are suitable for making homemade applesauce and other recipes and they can sometimes be found at discounted prices.

apple picking 1

I found an easy and delicious-looking recipe from for ‘Apple Crisp Cookie Cups’. I haven’t tried it, but let me know how they turn out if you do.

You can see the video recipe here:

I also have an Apple Cake recipe to share with you from Mary Beth Roe, Program Host at QVC. It’s from one of her cookbooks, so it has to be good. You can see that recipe and step-by-step photos here:

Feel free to share your favorite apple recipe in the comment section below. I’m always looking to expand my recipe catalog, as I’m sure other jewelry collectors are too.

Happy Fall!


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