Happy birthday to all of you gals born in September. If that’s you, I hope you get to celebrate in a BIG way!!

September makes me think of many things and depending on whether you live on the east coast or the west coast, our thoughts and weather could be quite different. Parts of California saw record-breaking, 3-digit temperatures yesterday, while most of the east coast is around 60-70 degrees. But, no matter where you live, it usually means the end of summer and the beginning of weather changes and new experiences.

An abundance of various apples seem to be everywhere along with cider and donuts. Corn mazes and hayrides are high on the list too. Corn on the cob is usually at its peak in August, as it rolls right into September. September is also special for children returning to school. The excitement of buying new clothes, or in my case growing up, my mother making hand-sewn apparel with great care and lots of love. I felt a sense of pride sporting her creations.

Growing up in Minnesota, September also meant the beginning of fall. The height of the season was actually in October; however, leaves began to turn from bright green to amber, orange, nut-brown and beautiful shades of red throughout the month. Most days were perfect and the nights brought cooler temps allowing for comfy sweaters, jeans, hoodies and boots! On a side note, I love boots and have quite the collection. Boots are a must-have if you live in New Mexico. Perhaps, I’ll write a blog later about my boots and share a few pictures. What do you think? I do have a few very interesting pairs including my red, white and blue kickers – perfect for Labor Day.

Speaking of boots, ‘Fashion Week’ is going strong at QVC. Fashion is not just about clothing …. it’s about the total look and QVC and Carolyn Pollack Jewelry have all of the right pieces to complement your style at attractive prices.

See items from QVC’s ‘Fashion Week’ here.

september blog 1

Also, keep your eye out for the pretty necklace in the sneak-peek picture below. It will be offered at a clearance price on September 11th.

september blog 2

God bless all who were affected by the 9/11 tragedy. Our world was forever changed and we must stay together as a nation. Spread love and hope and continue being the fantastic person you are.

September 3

In love,







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