Don’t Miss the Eclipse

Glasses on. All comfy on the grass. Children singing, giggling and making new friends on the lawn. (It’s so easy for kids to make friends, isn’t it? “Hi, my name is so and so. Wanna play?” and a friendship is born. Adults sipping on wine excited for what is about to come. They know it will be magical even if only for mere seconds. They read about it in text books, but never experienced it personally. The anticipation grows! Here it comes.

The moon fully covers the sun. The temperature drops rapidly and day looks like night for approximately 2-1/2 minutes. What is it? It’s the Great American Eclipse and it’s happening on August 21st. This is an astronomical phenomenon which hasn’t been visible from the United States since 1918. We are truly blessed to be alive for this magnificent event. It IS a once in a lifetime.

Its path will run coast to coast, but only ten areas will see and feel the eclipse in its totality. For most of us, we will witness a partial eclipse – still a sight to see. I read that some businesses and schools will take a break during this time and join together to watch. Some people are throwing parties and some folks are even travelling to the areas that are directly in its path. If you’re one of them, there is a great book and website called, Roadside America. You will definitely want to give it a look. Even if not travelling by car right now, it is entertaining and a great conversational piece. It is neat reading about, and finding obscure places to visit.

Just in case you don’t know that you live in, or near, one of the fortunate areas to see the eclipse in its totality, I listed the locations for you below:

Madras, Oregon

Snake River Valley, Idaho

Casper, Wyoming

Sandhills of Western Nebraska

St. Joseph, Missouri

Carbondale, Illinois

Hopkinisville, Kentucky

Nashville, Tennessee

Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Columbia, South Carolina

Do you live in, or have you ever visited the places mentioned above? I was happy to see the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is along the path of the “total” solar eclipse. My husband, Bill, and I love National Parks. The scenery is always incredible and they’re terrific places to lace up your hiking boots and get moving.

I look forward to hearing from friends and family about their solar eclipse experiences. And don’t worry if you miss any or all of it, NASA and many websites will be tracking it and live streaming. Young and old this will surely be a sight to behold.

The iridescence of the moon reminds me of Mother of Pearl. Yes, I do always think in jewelry. It is my passion and I hope it is yours too!

Your friend in jewelry and all things magical,


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