Be a Child at Christmas Time

“Be a Child at Christmas Time” … I absolutely love this Christmas song. The Doris Day Christmas album was one of my favorites growing up, and still is! Now that I am a grandma of four, I think I feel a little more nostalgic about Christmas and it makes me think of mine when I was a child.

My mom raised her four children alone. While we didn’t expect many material things throughout the year, somehow she always pulled off the most amazing surprises on Christmas Eve. She lovingly refers to her late brother, Johnny, as “Santa”. He helped mom financially to make it happen. In addition to the beautiful clothes my mom would sew for us, she created magical memories under the tree.

First there was my “Dancerina” doll, which was extremely hard to come by, but my Aunt Jenny went all over the Twin Cities to help my make the moment happen!

I still remember the regret I felt the year I peeked into the closet where my mom hid the gifts before they were wrapped. In an instant, I ruined my Christmas Eve surprise … when I saw her … just what I had prayed for … Jane West! I did my best to hide my guilt as I opened up my box with Jane, her horse and lots of accessories (yes, accessories have always been very important to me!) Johnny West joined Jane on my birthday.

I will never forget my Suzy Homemaker oven, which lead to many other SH appliances. These pieces also delighted many of my cousins when I outgrew my turquoise kitchen. My passion for music began with my first guitar, followed by a Magnus organ, and later a flute. Thank you mom and Santa!


Speaking of music, another song I love from that same Christmas album just came to mind …. “Toyland”.
Merry Christmas in July!
Love, Carolyn

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