Be Simply Fabulous!


You probably know me as a “go bold or go home” kind of gal. You also know I am obsessed with color and gemstones.  So my challenge when I work with the finest quality gemstones is that there is a limit to their size.  What I have discovered, to my delight, is that when it comes to the best gemstones, their color is so clear and vibrant that they simply make a statement regardless of their size. And, when multiple stones are set in elegant reflective sterling silver the result is Simply Fabulous!

Now, if only I could choose one gem…..I simply can’t, so I’ll narrow it down to eight of my favorites. Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot, Turquoise, Red Coral, Lapis and White Mother of Pearl. The party begins on the wrist. One cuff bracelet is classic, effortless elegance, but layering three different colors together makes a powerful individual style statement. From there, mix, match and layer coordinating stack rings and necklaces. Top it all off with a hoop earring and you are ready to make your own powerful statement! Easy to wear, versatile and timeless. What could be more fabulous?!

I recently went bold AND went home!  We spent a lovely Easter with my family in Minnesota. My mom is super petite. She LOVES jewelry but most statement pieces are too big for her tiny frame. So, she has always made her bold style statement by layering, primarily on her wrist and fingers. Maybe it’s because she has spent so much time at the sewing machine, and therefore focusing on her hands. I hope her jewelry has brought her as much joy as she has brought to me and countless others with her magic touch at the sewing machine! My sister Becky loves gemstone jewelry; she tends to choose bolder pieces, but also loves to layer. She is a school nurse, and loves how her jewelry delights both the teachers and the students. Becky’s daughter Sarah, mom to 3 year old Harry and 1 year old Louie, loves fashion, but at this point, it must fit her lifestyle chasing the two toddlers around. Simple, natural beauty is her go-to style choice. It’s unanimous; Simply Fabulous is a new favorite for ALL of us!

I look forward to hearing how you’re making your own statement! I hope you’ll join me on QVC May 17th for a Simply Fabulous day together!  Midnight-2am ET, 3am-4am ET, 9am-noon ET, 2pm-4pm ET and 6pm-8pm ET!

Love, Carolyn

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