Getting To Know Carolyn Pollack

Chances are you already know a lot about jewelry designer and color expert Carolyn Pollack. From her exciting jewelry presentations on QVC to the intimate glimpses inside the Design and Production Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Carolyn loves to share her world.

To celebrate Carolyn’s birthday month, we thought we’d catch up with her about her latest collections, trends and what she’s most looking forward to for the Spring season. Let’s jump in!

Happy Birthday! How did you celebrate?

Our Marketing Team surprised me with a gourmet donut party! I received lots of fun texts, emails, and videos from friends and family that I’ll save until next year!

Bill and I had a wonderful dinner, and I wrapped up the day with phone calls from my mom and sister Becky.

What Amethyst gemstone design should every February-baby and purple-lover have in her jewelry wardrobe?

I personally love the bold amethyst ring in the Harmony collection. The quality of the stone is amazing and check out the SIZE!

Looking ahead, what colors are you most intrigued by this year?

Green. It is my favorite color and I am so excited that it is the Pantone Color of the Year! They call it Greenery, which in the gemstone world is peridot. It is a refreshing and revitalizing shade, and symbolizes new beginnings.

And what gemstone pairings are you loving for Spring 2017?

Well, you’ll have to stay tuned! As a matter of fact, I will be introducing many fresh gemstone combinations on in the coming weeks. I love how interesting and unexpected gemstone pairings can inspire us to take a new, fresh look at the clothes in our closets and pull things together in ways we may not have thought to do.

Refresh, renew!

What is your favorite Spring holiday and way to spend it?

Easter. It is such a time of hope, rebirth, and the promise of spring. It was my Grandma Dooley’s favorite. We would all gather at her house after church and no matter the Minnesota weather, we would be in our new Easter dresses and shoes and hunt for eggs, sometimes in the snow. Now we spend it with our grandchildren, including one who just happens to be named Easter Lily!

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