Recently we sat down with designer Carolyn Pollack to talk about her new Radiant Collection. Here’s what she had to say:cp-headshot-with-line

What is your inspiration for the Radiant Collection?

I love to know that our collectors LIVE in our jewelry. I also know that you enjoy pieces that make a statement. My vision for Radiant was everyday elegance. Being a lover of gemstones and sculptural silver, I took a bold approach to fine jewelry with this collection. It is truly fine jewelry to be worn EVERY day, not only for a special occasion. Because you deserve to feel Radiant every day!

Do you have a favorite stone color in the collection?

If so which one and why? I love them all, but if I have to chose one, I would say Peridot. Green is my favorite color, and this particular shade of green is Pantone’s color of 2017! Peridot offers a vibrant pop of green to your rich jewel-tone wardrobe pieces, as well as to denim and neutrals. 

Did you select the faceted stones to work together in one outfit, or do you think they work best separately?

Each of the gemstones in the Radiant collection are of the highest quality, so they all have a stunning saturation of color. For that reason, they work beautifully together. I would definitely suggest mixing the colors within the collection, and even layering the bracelets and necklaces. This way, you won’t have to make the difficult choice among these dazzling gems!

Is there another Carolyn Pollack collection that pairs well with the Radiant Collection?

I love wearing Radiant with the Wings collection, also with Harmony. And the silver detail in Radiant works beautifully with my CP Signature pieces.

What is the best season to wear Radiant?

This collection is timeless and season-less!

Do you plan on adding any additional colors to the collection?

White Topaz is the latest addition. There aren’t too many additional options when you consider the quality and size of the gems in Radiant. We’ll have to see what Mother Nature has in store.


Is Radiant worn best with formal or casual attire and what is your ideal outfit to pair with Radiant?

I wouldn’t wear it on a hike or rafting down the river, so I wouldn’t call it a casual collection. However, Radiant is fabulous with casual chic, daytime/business, and definitely evening/formal wear.

Why is the collection named Radiant?

You’ll look and feel radiant when you wear these brilliant gems set in bold, reflective sterling silver!

Watch Carolyn explore the Radiant Collection here:


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