Happy Color-Fall!

wrc_-5186This is my absolute favorite season! I love everything about it; the crisp air, bonfires, hayrides, football, and of course fall fashion. Some of my favorite flashback fashion memories include gauchos, Frye boots, corduroy Levis and definitely the preppy trend. Yes, I had a kilt, corduroy walking shorts, oxford shirts, argyle socks, monogrammed sweaters and pink and gray saddle shoes.

Growing up, I also loved fall because it meant seeing my friends every day. To me, fall is a season of gathering; in the school hallway, around a fire, at a football game, or an apple orchard. And so I kicked off this season gathering with my wonderful friends on a beautiful day in West Chester, Pennsylvania. It all began at our favorite store, Tish Boutique. Ashley has an amazing selection of colorful fall fashion, and I brought a trunk full of jewelry. This year’s Fall Fashion Pantone palette is so vibrant, from blue and green to red and yellow, we had a blast getting into the spirit of the season! Susanne, Deana, Jenna and Luann looked gorgeous on a perfect fall day. Take a look!

Happy fall,


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