Be Color-Fall with Carolyn!!!

Get ready to color your fall with rich, genuine gems hand-selected by Carolyn! Carolyn has long been celebrated as the Queen of Color! For years, she’s helped us transform our wardrobes through jewelry. Inspired by Pantone’s colors of the season, Carolyn is bringing us fresh, unique and unexpected gemstone combinations. This brilliant gemstone palette will have you accessorizing with the season’s must-have colors and the best part is, they’ll pair beautifully with everything you already have in your closet!

Read below for Carolyn’s picks and check out our lookbook here!


Let your fall jewelry wardrobe center around Riverside, Pantone’s new blue.
This shade says it all. Calming, yet confident with subtle vibrancy and sophistication, Riverside represents the constancy found in a clear blue sky that stretches above us. Take the perfect sky home with you in designs featuring the dreamy heaven stone, Lapis.

Continue the sky-blue celebration with Airy Blue. Evoking feelings of lightness and freedom, Airy Blue comes to life in dazzling Blue Topaz and Milky Aquamarine.
Complement these gems with Lush Meadow or Dusty Cedar for a fresh approach.

The warmth of rose-toned Rhodonite makes it the perfect stone to capture the welcoming autumn essence of Dusty Cedar, while your favorite green gems from Carolyn Pollack Jewelry create the landscape for Lush Meadow. Rich Malachite, Green Chalcedony and Peridot will elevate your favorite earth tones and bring a touch of elegance to every look.

Revamp your fall neutrals with Sharkskin. Wearable with any of the fresh colors in your new fall palette, this go-to gray tone is a great base for layering your more vibrant and daring color choices. Choose Hematite, Abalone, Labradorite, or the always-lovely Gray Mother of Pearl to showcase this contemporary neutral.

Mix and match things up in Aurora Red. This dynamic and sensual hue is captured in bold Coral and glowing Garnet gemstones.

Add Spicy Mustard to your wardrobe for an even more exciting and exotic twist. Citrine and Gold Mother of Pearl will each bring an elegant, yet unexpected accent to any ensemble.

See more vibrant color combinations unfold with Bodacious. The name says it all! This bright purple hue can be easily paired with pinks and reds and is sure to turn any look into an instant fashion statement. Try this vivid shade on for size with Phosphosiderite or Rhodolite Garnet.

Finally, complete your Pantone Perfect fall with Warm Taupe. Another pleasing neutral for the fall season, this trusted earth tone is celebrated in timeless gemstones like Picture Jasper and Smoky Quartz.

Your color-FALL jewelry wardrobe is waiting…



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