A Purity & Promise Story



Last month, a gentleman walked into the Gaylord Texan Carolyn Pollack Sterling Gallery. He told me that he was looking for a anniversary gift for his wife. I asked him how many years they were celebrating and he said, 50!

As I walked with him around the gallery, he mentioned that she loved pearls. I took down the display of the Purity and Promise Collection Necklace with Beaded Pearls. I showed him how the extender could be adjusted so she could wear the necklace at different lengths and he loved that! I then showed him how Carolyn builds her collections around coordinating pieces, like the beautiful matching cuff, ring and earrings. He knew her exact ring size, but said that she still doesn’t have her ears pierced. He said, “She’ll get around to it one of these days,” with a smile.

After he selected the three collection pieces, I asked him if they were staying in our resort. He said that they live close and that he was going to bring her back for dinner the next night at our famous steakhouse, Old Hickory. Since I knew the resort looked busy for the weekend, I asked if I could call and make reservations for them. He thanked me and said yes! I explained to the Reservations Desk that it was a very special occasion and they promised to let the chef know. Since the reservations were at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday and the gallery would still be open, I suggested that I wrap the boxes with ribbon and tissue and put them in one of our signature bags and keep them in the office, so when they arrive, he could just stop by and pick them up on the way to the restaurant. He loved that idea, “Less to remember.”

As he was leaving, I asked him his secret for a 50 year marriage. His response. “To give and forgive.” Perfectly said. We are so blessed to have played a small part in his marriage philosophy.

Deb Ebeling, Gallery Manager Gaylord Texan

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