It’s Beginning to Feel Like Fall

Our daughter Tiffany and her daughter Easter and son Ivo are heading back to Brooklyn after a fun visit to New Mexico. As we deflate all the pool toys, put the outdoor cushions away and pick up the puzzle pieces, reality hits that summer is coming to an end. Here in New Mexico, it may be 90 degrees outside, but now that the kids are back to school, it feels like fall. I have no idea where the summer went, the months seem to fly by at an accelerated rate with each year. The good news is that autumn is my favorite season. I love the colors, the aroma and the activities of fall. I look forward to football games, bonfires, green chiles roasting and hot air balloons in the sky. And I absolutely love fall fashion! Cozy sweaters, leather jackets, lots of layering and boots. Of course, everything starts with the jewelry in my closet. And this fall, I am so excited about the rich, vibrant faceted gem stones in my new collections! They will be fabulous with all of the colors in Pantone’s fall fashion palette; blues, greens, reds, yellow, purples, gray and taupe. It’s going to be a glorious fall!

I hope you’ll join me this week on QVC to discover how jewelry can transition your wardrobe into a beautiful new season. Friday from 8-10pm ET, Saturday 1-3am and 8-9pmET, and Sunday 1-3am ET. Tune in and treat yourself, you deserve it!

EB-Long-Kicker_CP-August-QVC-Tune-In-FINAL_NEW (1)

Happy Fall!

– Carolyn




One thought on “It’s Beginning to Feel Like Fall

  1. Sherrie Ritter says:

    💘 Fall is our favorite too. My husband Tom is from Ohio fall is all about 🏈. As always I will be wearing my CP Fall collection.


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