Live Life Fabulously

FABULOUS. It’s a big word. And a word with high expectations. What I’ve come to realize is how FABULOUS life is when we embrace time with family and friends, old and new. I have been living life fabulously these last three weeks connecting, reminiscing, laughing, and talking about things that truly matter. Relationships.

I co-hosted a bridal shower for my niece Jessica in Minnesota. My sister Becky, Jessica’s mom, married her high school sweetheart Al, and our family and Al’s have been like one big family. One of my best childhood friends was Al’s sister Sue. My mom Linnea and Al’s mom Shirley are great friends. These connections are lasting and true. It was wonderful to spend time playing shower games, opening meaningful gifts, and seeing the joy on our guests faces when  they opened their shower favor…….CP Sincerely Fabulous pendant enhancers in the bride’s color, rhodonite on mauve cord.


Fourth of July is my favorite national holiday, it’s the weekend Bill and I were married! This year we had a romantic dinner at Wyebrook Farm in Pennsylvania and spent time reminiscing. That weekend 22 years ago on Mackinac Island in Michigan, Bill’s family and mine came together for the first time. Tiffany and Miles bonded with my nieces, and these were moments we also fondly recalled at the bridal shower in Minnesota three weeks ago. Special memories are lasting and connect us over the years and miles. Creating those moments is a life lived fabulously.

Carolyn Pollack Jewelry pieces are a way to turn first impressions into lasting connections. Each time a new friend compliments your favorite statement necklace and you gift an old friend a timeless design is a chance to share memories and make new ones. It’s the little things shared that mean the most and create the connections that will last a lifetime.

Let’s keep connecting!




2 thoughts on “Live Life Fabulously

  1. Sherrie Ritter says:

    Carolyn I wore my Lasting Connections ring to church yesterday along with my American West Onyx strand necklace with my domed Onyx AW cross enhancer. Thanks for sharing memories with your family. God Bless you & Bill. Sherrie in Temecula


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