Macy’s Meet the Designer with Carolyn!

Alex and I are here in fabulous Southern California! Excited to make new connections with fellow jewelry lovers; all thanks to the personal connections we’ve made over the years! Aren’t those the most meaningful connections after all?

Above: Carolyn and new gal pal Kathy Lambert (left) and Constance Bennett, a classic beauty (right)

Over the years I have been honored to meet so many wonderful women through my jewelry; but equally awesome is knowing that so many of you have formed friendships through jewelry and discovered a fun way to bond with your daughters, sisters, mothers and husbands too!

Above: Carol with daughter Elizabeth (top left) Emily with husband Blue (top right) and Kaylene Flores and her mother (bottom)

Saturday we celebrated at the Macy’s in Temecula and Sunday at Macy’s Palm Desert.

As we hit the road for Los Angeles, we leave with great memories, new friendships and look forward to connecting again.

Happy trails,

Carolyn and Alex

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