Easter Celebration


Gracie received a baby sister for Easter! Georgia Faith Pollack was born at 5:26am on Easter Sunday. 8 pounds 6 ounces. We are so blessed and happy.


Happy Spring Everyone!

Driving to work I was greeted by gorgeous purple blossoms on the trees and colorful hot air balloons in the perfect blue sky. I love the feeling of hope, renewal, and joy that spring brings, especially as we look forward to Easter celebrations.

This was my Grandma Dooley’s favorite holiday. I have such fond memories of holding her soft hand in church and playing with all of the charms on her bracelets. One loaded with a charm for each of her grandchildren, the other with those for her great-grandchildren. It was a symbol of her devotion to family, and I am forever grateful for the bond she created. I called my aunt Kristy to wish her a happy 70th birthday over the weekend. As we reminisced and laughed hysterically, I was reminded how special my family is to me. And that was fostered by my Grandma Dooley. We gathered at her tiny home on most Sundays, and definitely on Easter Sunday. There was always plenty of love and cookies to go around.

This Easter, I know Grandma’s eyes are twinkling up in heaven as Bill and I look forward to the birth of our fourth grandchild. You see, Grandma had a very special relationship with our son Miles. Oh how she would love to give his new baby its first bath, as was our tradition. Tiffany so loved my Grandma too. I will never forget how she made paper replicas of her charms with my Grandma’s attributes written on them, and gave one to each of my relatives at her funeral.


While I miss my Grandma deeply this time of year, I know her spirit and her love lives on. For nothing made her happier than children. We look forward to spending this Easter with our granddaughter Easter and her brother Ivo. We’ll color eggs, celebrate mass, and wait for the call from San Diego. Grandma would love to welcome another precious great-great grandchild on her favorite day.

Happy Easter!


One thought on “Easter Celebration

  1. Sherrie Ritter says:

    Happy Easter to you & Bill. What an exciting time a new Grandchild. Spring a time of New Beginnings. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.


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