It Feels Like Spring!

Well it actually does in Albuquerque. It is 70 degrees as I leave for Philadelphia, which will be around 10 degrees when I arrive. I was tempted to leave my winter coat packed in my checked-in luggage, but then came to my senses at the ticket counter. What if, for the first time in 21 years flying each month to Philadelphia, my luggage didn’t make it? All the knocking on wood couldn’t assure me I would again be blessed with my luggage on the carousel.  So I unpacked my coat and carried it through DFW to Philly. This one extra thing I had to keep track of in my travels made me even more aware of the joy of spring fashion. The simplicity of packing, the lightness of travel, and the freedom of colorful expression.

I am loving the Fashion Colors for Spring 2016. While I embrace the romance of pastels, including the colors of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue; I have more fun working these colors into the more saturated, vibrant colors within the spring palette. Isn’t it wonderful how a new piece of jewelry can inspire us to revisit our wardrobe, pulling pieces together that have never before touched hangers? And we all have those favorite investment pieces in our closets; quality, timeless, just ready for a new twist when it comes to fashion.

Spring 2016 blog.jpg

As a February baby growing up in Minnesota, I didn’t count on much in terms of good weather for my birthday parties, but could always look forward to the promise of spring around the corner.  Now is the time to anticipate the colorful, spirited expression of the next season. I hope you’ll enjoy discovering how my Spring Collections can transition your wardrobe. There are over 82 new styles to discover in my 2016 Spring Collections. I look forward to seeing your styling discoveries! Please share with our community of fashion lovers on Facebook!

On a side note, I was happy to see my luggage arrive again. I have to say I was very concerned about the number of other flyers arriving in from Aruba, St. Thomas and Mexico in shorts and flip-flops. They may be ready for summer, but Philadelphia has other things in store this weekend!

Happy Spring!


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