Merry Christmas!

I was just reminiscing with my mom about Christmases past. As a child, Christmas Eve included a visit from Santa (great uncle Jimmy). He had this amazing Santa suit, and even a sleigh!  But we agreed that our favorite Christmas memory was the first Christmas Tiffany and Miles spent in Minnesota. My mom lived on the lake, and the weather was perfect for ice skating and ice fishing. It was pretty magical. She even arranged for a family hayride through the forest. I am so thankful for the beautiful memories my mom created. In 2016, I resolve to tell her this more often.

As we get older, it’s our responsibility to create memories for our children and grandchildren. With Miles and his family in San Diego, and Tiffany and hers in Brooklyn, the holiday season has Bill and me travelling. We love to spend time in New York with the kids, checking out the lights, the store windows, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Miles is a hotshot firefighter, so he is unable to vacation during fire season. So we have started a tradition of going somewhere with him, his wife Heather, and daughter Grace each December. This year we went to Marco Island in Florida. Grace just turned 2 years old, and is such a sweetie-pie! From the beach, to the pool, to checking out the alligators and dolphins, to dancing in the rain, she was an absolute delight! Check out a few of our vacation moments, including the 140 lb. grouper Bill caught, which was just one of the 40 fish he and Miles caught, including a 5 foot shark!

I am so grateful for the Christmas memories of my childhood, and for the blessings of my family and the memories we’ll create. May your holidays be filled with the joy and love of family and friends.

I will see you on December 30th for two American West shows. 1am and 4pm ET. It will be wonderful to ring in the New Year together!

Merry Christmas and love and cheer in the New Year!



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