Celebrating our spirited friends around our colorful table!

This is my favorite season for entertaining, so it has been especially frustrating to be in the chaos of a kitchen remodel for the past two months! As soon as we could, Bill and I threw a dinner party. Here we are with our great friend and Interior Design partner Barbara. She makes every design and construction challenge fun! Yes, our island is natural agate with LED lighting underneath! We’re gem lovers who love to cook. There, I justified it. And I don’t need a new car any time soon anyway.

Around the Table

I always wanted a kitchen that functioned like Jane Jetson’s, and this is pretty close! However, while I appreciate the latest and greatest technology, I am not a fan of user manuals. So it was wonderful that Thermador sent Chef Carmella in from Phoenix. She put Barbara and me to work immediately chopping and stirring. She was also the life of the party! It was a blast. I haven’t stopped cooking since, and that’s fine by Bill!

I also have a passion for autumn décor, so I had a great time working with an amazing florist at my favorite nursery to capture the spirit and energy of our party and guests. We chose to celebrate the season with pumpkins and berries, but also the joy and love around the table with fushia roses and other vibrant flowers. My house is very colorful, so my centerpiece can never be a shrinking violet! By the way, none of our guests are either!



My colorful table became even more vibrant with our autumn menu. These vibrant veggies are inspiring a new jewelry collection. Garnet, carnelian, citrine and amethyst perhaps. Or maybe shades of spiny oyster shell. These are also the colors of our Sandia Mountains at sunset. Breathtaking!


What could be better than an evening with spirited friends around a colorful table enjoying yummy food and lively conversation? And we all made a new friend in Carmella! By the way, I highly recommend an induction cooktop, a steam/convection oven and Carmella’s Caponata.


Hosting is such a joy, and there is another great benefit. Leftovers! Bill and I ate Caponata for breakfast for two days! I hope you are having a delicious and joyous season! Love , Carolyn

2 thoughts on “Celebrating our spirited friends around our colorful table!

  1. Nancy Pitts says:

    Dear Carolyn, I love your new kitchen. It’s beautiful ! Your dining room and floral arrangement was fabulous! The recipe you sent look so good !mimf I may make one suggestion, nextine if there is another one, could you had the Pinterst symbol so we could easily add your recipe to our Pinterest. That would be great! Thank you for the lovely post !! Have a lovely Thanksgiving and a wonderful Chridtmas !!


  2. Diane says:

    Such beauty in your home, Carolyn. Autumn is my favorite season also and I love how you brought it all indoors.
    I’m grateful to you for making the reference to Jane Jetson, since my husband often teases me that I can relate anything to a childhood cartoon/sitcom. I guess those shows did influence more than we know. 🙂


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