WOW! What a DAY!

carolyn and jane in the dress

Thanks for joining me for so much fun throughout our big event, which began at 11pm on May 26th and ended 8pm on May 27th.  I have MANY great memories from our day together. But this one was priceless!  The photo above is me doing a little dance as I left the studio salon, excited to meet up with Jane for our grand finale. When Jane walked into my greenroom she about lost it. There I was, in the exact dress and jacket she had purchased in February for her upcoming Gem Day kick-off!  What makes it even funnier is that we had chosen the same jacket to wear with the dress, and both received comments from the store associates…  “Wow, that looks great, I had not thought of that”! My purchase was made in Albuquerque, Jane’s in New York!  This moment set the tone for the next two hours on air…..need I say more?

CP and JT

Every show was an absolute joy! I was so blessed to share time with the amazingly talented Hosts Rick, Mary Beth, Antonella, and Jane: and our beautiful (inside and out) models Deanna, Brenda and Susanne. And Bill had a wonderful time with the fabulous Alberti at 3:00am! Each show had its own twist, thanks to the unique personality and perspective of each of these special people, coupled with the unpredictable magic of live television and my lack of sleep!  I am often asked how I manage to talk for so many hours on a day like that, having not slept for 36 hours. It is ALL about being in the company of amazing friends, all of the talented and devoted live studio crew, and most importantly YOU, our collectors. I feel your energy and love, and look forward to your calls and on-line social media interaction. We have a very special community, and I am so grateful.

Thanks for all of the magic moments I will cherish!



2 thoughts on “WOW! What a DAY!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hello Carolyn, Part 2 of first email sent. I found a labradorite enhancer ID #: cp6-8009-069. Carolyn, I watch you often on QVC. Your eyes show a kind, loving soul. I am in awe of your creativity and the beautiful items created from your soul. Thank you for g iving beauty to this world. Take Care, Elizabeth Schulte (Betsy)


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