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I consider a milestone for me to be the moment I hear how Carolyn Pollack Jewelry makes you feel.  It is especially wonderful to know that you are treating yourself or a loved one, or someone else has treated you, in honor of a special occasion.  I am thrilled to know that you choose to celebrate your milestones with Carolyn Pollack Jewelry!

Whether your milestone is a big birthday, anniversary, graduation, or achieving other personal goals, we think you deserve to celebrate!  How many of us have worked hard to drop those last few pounds before a family wedding or a class reunion?  Or how about training for the 60 mile Breast Cancer walk and completing it? When my mom quit smoking after 50 years, you can bet I treated her to some CPJ!  If you really stop and think about it, there are many milestones we reach throughout our busy lives.  I know I need to challenge myself to pick up the guitar again. We should take a moment to feel good about what we and our loved ones achieve, each day, big and small.

We at Carolyn Pollack Jewelry are celebrating a big milestone this month, the launch of our new website!  It has been months in the works. Our team has been so dedicated and excited because we knew we needed to change for YOU! We hope you like the new features, including making our site mobile and tablet friendly. Congratulations to our Ecommerce and Marketing teams, who were honored with their personal choices of CPJ for realizing this milestone!

We would love to hear about the milestones in your life, and those in your loved ones lives. We hope you all treat yourselves to your favorite gemstones from our MileStones page. And please share your stories on Carolyn Pollack Jewelry Facebook, where you’ll be entered into our monthly Sweepstakes!

Let’s inspire and encourage one another by celebrating all of our well-earned MileStones!

I sincerely congratulate you for all you do!



6 thoughts on “MileStones

  1. Jan says:

    Love, love your jewelry!!! Disappointed that so many items featured on your website are listed as out of stock. Trying to located the green turquoise and mixed metal bracelet.


  2. Gayle Sebastian says:

    I love the new web site. It shows so much more of your jewelry. It is easier to go to what I am looking for. I have been a collector of your jewelry for a while now and love it. Thanks Gayle


  3. Therese Lux says:

    Hi Carolyn. I recently saw you wearing a necklace featuring a ‘long horn steer’. I am interested in purchasing it for my new daughter in law. She is a dainty gal and this would not overwhelm her. Please, dear, send info on this darling necklace.


    • carolynpollack says:

      Hi Therese, the steer necklace is J#J321520, but we’re sorry to say it’s currently out of stock. Looks like they’ll be receiving some additional supply in July and August, though!


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