Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

In my life, I have been fortunate to be faced with both obstacles and opportunities that have guided my journey in unexpected ways. As one of four children raised by a single mom, it was a fortunate necessity that I get creative and resourceful if I wanted new clothing, my first snow skis, or a new bike. My mom and I designed my clothing, she bringing them to life late at night at the sewing machine.

Thanks to my mom’s faith, talent, and positive spirit, my family was always cared for, despite our financial struggle. Our birthday parties were always special. There was no “Party City” nor websites from which to order cake molds, decorations, games or party favors. My mom made every occasion special through her love, enthusiasm and creativity.

I am grateful for the love and commitment my mom exuded during those difficult years. I remember vividly the look on my mom’s face when she got off the phone that night in 1979. One of her high school friends remembered my mom’s dream of owning a bridal shop someday, which would allow her to create magical moments and memories for countless others, as she did for us. This friend was ready to try something new in her life, and she and my mom soon opened shop in a charming historic house. While my mom was passionate about the business, her friend decided it wasn’t for her, and they parted
ways. It was a sad situation that I shared with Dixie, my boss at our local department store, Brett’s. As luck would have it, the company was ready to lease its bridal department rather than continuing to run it themselves. Dixie wondered if my mom would like to lease it. That phone call to my mom would be one of the happiest of my life. What started out in a back corner of the dress department, my mom would grow to be one of the largest bridal shops in Minnesota. And yes, that still meant spending late nights at the sewing machine making sure every wedding was perfect!

My mom and I love reminiscing about those days, and always burst out in laughter when we look at the pretty crazy dresses she had me model for the bridal edition of our local newspaper (circa 1984)!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Recycling in Always in Style: Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! We draw so much inspiration from the varied landscapes in the U.S., and have such a love for this land a a whole, that this day always holds a special place in our hearts. We have a large variety of natural resources in America that I feel a partial responsibility to protect. Whether it be our waters or our forests, we want to make sure that our children and grandchildren have the chance to play among these natural wonders, just as you and I did growing up.


 In New Mexico, where Bill and I live, we have some of the best wind, geothermal and solar resources in the U.S. That’s a bit of a no-brainer for anyone that has ever visited or lived here. At this moment the sun is pouring onto my house and I hear leaves and wind chimes making some beautiful music outside. It’s exciting to live in an area where these renewable resources are not being taken for granted. Last year the New Energy Economy issued a report with a possible pathway to 100 percent renewable electricity sectors for New Mexico by 2035.

 The large Native American population in New Mexico that we get to live and work amongst also keeps us mindful of the beautiful Indigenous belief that it is our job to protect the environment for the next seven generations. These are all just a few of the reasons that Carolyn Pollack Jewelry prides itself on using 100% reclaimed silver in all of our jewelry. We recognize that metal mining is one of the most environmentally destructive types of mining out there, as well as very dangerous and low paying to the miners involved. So, we opt to cast our jewelry with recycled and refined precious metals, which still have the same high quality as newly mined metals due to the high-tech way they are reclaimed.

 The use of recycled precious metals is an important part of Carolyn Pollack Jewelry’s commitment to the earth and to the creation of ethical luxury. So as you deck out in your favorite CP pieces today, you can do so knowing you’ve chosen to decrease environmental destruction, and that is a fashion that will never go out of style!


Joyful Easter Memories

No matter when Spring officially begins, for me it begins on Easter Sunday. Easter was my Grandma Dooley’s favorite holiday. It is a time of re-birth, renewal, and hopefulness. I think about Grandma often, and especially when I am in church. I loved holding her hand while playing with the dozens of charms on her bracelets, each silhouette engraved with the name of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. With the touch of each charm came the anticipation of gathering with my close-knit extended family at Grandma’s house after church.

Easter Sunday was also the day we debuted our finest spring dresses and capelets that my mom so lovingly crafted. She even made sure my little brother had shorts and a bowtie to match our dresses. Oh, I wish I had pictures to show you, but they exist only in slides. He’s no-doubt happy about that!

Up until the last time I held Grandma Dooley’s hand, I made sure I always came dressed to delight her and make her proud.  Maybe it was the sparkle in her eyes, her beautiful smile, and her sweet comment I wanted to inspire and experience. I know when I look at this First Communion picture of Grandma standing next to a basket of lilies I am drawn straight to her beautiful eyes.

Carolyn's Grandma_Blog_Image

While I won’t be with my Minnesota family this Easter Sunday, I will take time to be grateful for the blessing of family, faith and traditions; and to be mindful of how the little things we do now can mean so much to so many later.

I think my Grandma Dooley would be especially delighted by my selection of gifts of faith, hope and love.

Joyful blessings to you this season!





Country Couture


One of my favorite places in this wonderful country of ours is Nashville Tennessee! It’s the city where I can indulge in three of my passions; fashion, music and nostalgia! During our last visit, Bill and I spent hours in the Country Music Hall of Fame, intrigued by the personal stories and signature style of some of America’s most inspiring artists. Having grown up alongside my mom spending countless hours at our sewing machine, I have tremendous appreciation for exquisitely designed and crafted garments.

And, I have to admit, I am obsessed with jackets! Probably not a surprise to many of you who have tuned in to my QVC shows over the past 23 years. Needless to say, a few of my own might now be considered “vintage”! The embroidery in this one actually inspired one of my favorite collections, Country Couture. My approach to couture is what I call “understated elegance”, meant to turn any day into a special event. Roll out your own red carpet!   



Another highlight of my trip to Nashville was the opportunity to broadcast over 650 AM WSM, the most famous country radio station in the world, and home to the Grand Ole Opry!



This collection is made for you to feel like a star. Put on your favorite jacket and cowboy boots and adorn yourself with the elegance of the Country Couture Collection! Available now on carolynpollackjewelry.com.


Getting older sure is more fun when it involves jewelry!


Hi Friends!
Yes, it’s that day again, and the best way I know to celebrate my 55 years is with a Birthday Jewelry Sale! “55 in a Flash” features 55 items that have been deeply reduced. However, they are very limited, and will only be available at this “Party Price” through February 10th . In other words, it’s “Last Call”!

I wish we could all gather together for a toast, but I’ll be thinking about you and look forward to hearing about what you are treating yourselves to on my birthday! Nothing makes me happier than knowing you feel beautiful and joyful… that is my ultimate “Happy Birthday” wish as I blow out my many candles!

Please share your stories with me and all our friends on Facebook.


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Thank you!

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to our NEW website! Along with all the new features, I’m thrilled to premiere new collections, and an exciting fresh look and feel! I recently spent time in West Chester, Pennsylvania with my friends Susanne, Mary, and Staci. We had a blast styling my new designs for the New Year! We discovered my three featured collections; Country Couture, Embrace the Stone and Color Connections, can each take us from work to casual and even more formal social occasions. And, yes, there was wine involved as we raised a toast to the New Year and lasting friendships. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into our “Girls’ Day” as you explore our new website today and in the weeks and months to come. We have a lot of fun things planned now that we have all the technical issues sorted out! Speaking of friendships and sorting things out….my Team here at CPJ would love to hear about your experience as you navigate our new site. As in all great friendships, honesty is always a good thing. Please let us know what you’re loving and what you’re not loving so much!

Happy New Year Friends!




I’m thankful for the Thanksgiving traditions and precious memories of the simpler times of my childhood. How I looked so forward to going to my Aunt Jenny’s and Uncle Wayne’s surrounded by my dozens of cousins, so closely tucked around the tables that no one wanted to, nor could, leave the table until all of the “thanks” and prayers were shared and the last bits of turkey eaten. Depending on the weather, my highly competitive family would engage in football or countless board games.

I am so thankful that my extended family continues to gather with the next generation of loving children and grandchildren in Minnesota, and that Bill and I have had the opportunity to immerse our own children and grandchildren into the “Minnesota Nice” culture. Because, there is NOTHING more important than family.

As our own children, Tiffany and Miles, have moved away and started their own families and traditions, Bill and I have needed to become more flexible about our own holiday plans.  We had a beautiful visit with Miles, Heather, Grace and Georgia in Yakima, Washington around Halloween, and we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with Tiffany, Andrew, Easter and Ivo in New York. We’re going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then we’ll go eat cheesecake at Junior’s!!!

And of course, we must cheer on our Minnesota Vikings on turkey day!!

I know that’s what my good friend Mary Beth will be doing, as we did together last Sunday!


Happy Thanksgiving and Skol Vikings!!!!!!




Honoring our Heroes on Veteran’s Day

There seems to be question surrounding the difference between Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. They are both federal holidays; however, Veteran’s Day is observed on November the 11th and is designated as a day to honor all who have served in the military whereas Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May and is set aside to pay tribute to those who died serving in the military.

veterans 2.jpg

This Saturday is Veteran’s Day and is the perfect opportunity to thank members of the military no matter the branch or the job they serve(d). The selfless who enter into the military share a common bond of patriotism, love of country and the willingness to serve and sacrifice for the greater good.

In the comment section below, please share your personal thanks to the great men and women of our armed forces. If you are among them, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Your job is important and I appreciate the sacrifices you and your families have made.
With love and patriotism,